Transformation initiatives

DLO Energy Solutions as a designated employer will be driving transformation and empowerment of all under-represented persons from the designated groups with specific focus on black people, women –and people with disabilities by:

Strategically transforming its Human Capital

  • Employee composition – creating an enabling environment conducive to attract, develop and retained skilled talent
  • Culture – advancing organisational culture that appreciate and encourages diversity, openness, transparency and inclusion.
  • Skills and people development – Developing the skills of employees to meet our current and human capital requirements by providing young female engineers learning opportunities as part of skills empowerment, employing more female electrical engineers in more senior/ leadership roles and affording young graduates internship opportunities.
  • Fair practice and elimination of discrimination – Encouraging consistency and integrity in all management and human resources practices to eliminate unfair discrimination
  • People management practices and accountability – Implementing, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of human capital transformation strategy to develop world class management practices.

Evolving employee complement

  • Follow a focused approach to ensure that demographics are well represented across all the group categories (Professional, Senior and Management Levels)

Realising the value of diversity and inclusion.

  • The goal is to attract, develop and retain diverse employees by creating an environment that promotes the culture of inclusion, where individuals regardless of differences and similarities are engaged, able to perform, can access opportunities and thrive – offering more learnership programme for people with disabilities in engineering sector.

Working hard to ensure that we reach employment equity targets.

  • Achieving EE targets is a critical aspect in South Africa of transformation, we will work hard to ensure that we achieve the EE targets and numerical goals within a set period of 5 years.