Service Offering

DLO Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd has technical teams that perform testing and commissioning of up to 400kV equipment including switchgear, protection relays, metering, control, and substation automation.

We offer solutions specifically designed around customers’ needs. These include:

  • Installation and commissioning
  • Extensions, upgrades, and retrofits
  • Life cycle management
  • Project management
  • Engineering, consulting, and audits
  • Systems Integration
  • In-house and on-site training
  • Replacements & spare part sourcing

DLO Energy Solutions has skilled support staff on standby to attend to maintenance & support queries including:

  • Emergency system support and call outs
  • Pro-active maintenance on various systems including supervisory
  • control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems,
  • Protection IEDs, Communication and networking devices, IT/OT Networks and Telephony Systems
  • Bi-annual report on system status
  • Diagnosis of event files
  • Provisioning and supporting

The Operations Centre offers expert skills in the SCADA and telecommunications environment in order to provide a value-added range of monitoring and automated services to match each organisation’s needs:

  • Secure remote access and monitoring of renewable energy facilities from the system operations centre
  • Network management of all communications devices
  • Monitoring of all protection IEDs for mission critical functions
  • Monitoring of alarms/events on the power system
  • Complete audit trail of all events, system access and operator logs
  • Secure remote web-access for clients
  • System historian for long term data storage
  • Remote telemetry/telecontrol using industry standard protocols